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Saturday, August 09, 2008

Verdict: Camp Rock Better than High School Musical

Demi Lovato isn't any better an actress than that Vanessa girl, but at least she sings helluva lot better. I actually liked her husky voice, to tell the truth. But I didn't exactly appreciate her blockings while she was singing "This is Me." She reminded me a little too much of the Vanessa girl, which made me like her less. And there's something about her smile-that-looks-too-much-like-a-grin that annoys me, but, at the same time, charms me. Meh. I must have been seeing things while I was watching the movie.

I dunno if it's the video or something else, but the lips just don't synchronize with the music most of the time. That happens only when the campers perform some songs. What gives?

Anywaaaaayyyy...The acting isn't *that* bad, I guess. I have many gripes with High School Musical, a lot of them stemming from the fact that HSM has got to have the most horrible actors ever casted on a Disney movie. Camp Rock has a more competent bunch of teenagers who call themselves actors, and they are surprisingly more effective than those from HSM (really, I HATE the movie series). How sad.

On one hand, if there's a story approach that I don't like, it's the "I'm pretending to be someone I'm not" kind. It's because I tend to be ashamed of the characters who do that. And I hate it pag napapahiya sila, haha. I hide my face during embarassing scenes, while I don't even bat an eye on scary ones. I'm weird, I know. Stupid-slash-clueless characters are so cliche. Worse, Camp Rock has two of them. They're funny at first but geez, people like them can be tiring.

On the other hand, I kinda like the "I just want to be *someone*" thing. Heh. I'm cheesy.

The Jonas Brothers? Nope. I don't like them. Even from the start. Eek. Uh-uh. But they're okay. For a cookie-cutter kind of popstars. ^_^

What else happened in the movie again?


Nevermind. The movie's okay, I guess. Better than High School Musical, acting-wise and plot-wise, definitely (sorry HSM fans, I fucking hate the story of the first HSM, and I never really watched the 2nd one because I dislike the Vanessa girl so much I can hardly look at her without rolling my eyes). Do I think it could have been better? Hell, yes! Did it disappoint me? The answer would've been a yes, if it wasn't for the fact that I didn't expect a better-than-HSM shit like that. So, well, no. Is it worth watching? I guess so. Does it have heart? I didn't hear it beating (or maybe it was too faint), if ever there is.

I really think Disney is slipping. It used to produce great original movies, but now...It's like the company's just putting something together just for the heck of it, as long as it sells. Bah. I hate showbiz.

But wow, Camp Rock gave me a headache. Literally. My head's throbbing like crazy. Must be from lack of sleep.


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