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Monday, August 11, 2008

How Do I Introduce Thee?

Most of the time, bloggers are requested to introduce themselves in front of all the people in the room. I have an issue with microphones (especially when they’ve been used lots of times before my turn…kidding, of course), so I make my speech as short as possible. There’s just something about “self-marketing” that doesn’t settle well with me (read: I don’t know how to do it), and I’m just naturally a very horrible speaker.

Probably the only time I ever considered to speak for more than 30 seconds was when my blog won last year in the Philippine Blog Awards. I posted an acceptance speech that’s so incredibly dirty, it became quite a hit with some people. I timed it to 5 minutes, and I would have used it too, if not for the fact that there was no chance for me to speak. ^_^

This is the line I often use when introducing myself. I use it all the time, because it’s short and straight to the point. Besides the occasional giggles and side comments, that is.

Hello, I’m Shari of misteryosa.com.

The version I should probably use often.

Hello, I’m Shari of misteryosa.com and bloggerskapihan.com.

The version I should have used in the dinner yesterday night.

Hello, I’m Shari of misteryosa.com. I’m also a crew at bloggerskapihan.com. My Plurk handle is rakshari. And my birthday is on August 13.

Yesterday was my chance to solicit for gifts, and I blew it. :shakefist:

I’ve been thinking, how can I possibly make my introduction wittier and more fun? Should I make pun (pun intended) of my name, like ArbetLoggins does? Or should I pitch for my other blogs, like Doc Tess does?

It sucks to be boring. I’m itching to use the one written in my homepage. ;)


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