SWEET SADNESS: The Sands Chronicles

Friday, July 07, 2006

It's disturbing how reality can sometimes make you feel numb.

I haven't watched the news for a couple of days because I'm afraid I might encounter yet another inhuman act of violence. It's ironic how Filipinos tend to hate people from other countries who abuse Filipinos. Haven't they noticed that abuse also happens here in the Philippines? The most brutal acts of violence happens here. So does this mean that it's okay for Filipinos to hurt one another?

Last week, before I went to school, I saw Unang Hirit. It's one of those early-morning-shows that makes you want to throw up, but it's better than the show in ABS-CBN (which I don't even know the title).

An internet shop owner was stabbed to death by his brother-in-law. Why? Ask him! He said it's because he had been "humiliated," pinagmumura raw siya. What the...?! And that made him kill someone, his brother-in-law, his employer? What hurts me the most is that two children were watching the crime as it happened. Trauma. Everything was caught in the surveillance tape installed inside the shop.

I can watch gory movies with lots of blood and flesh exposed while eating. I never get sick seeing movies which have been deemed as nakakadiri. But that shop footage - it’s a true-to-life crime. It’s not a movie anymore. There’s no more unbelievably horrible than reality.