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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

One Missed Call

Here in Burger King SM North EDSA blogging.

Watched One Missed Call in TriNoma a couple of hours ago. Creepy. And...Is it me, or the female lead looks a little like Iza Calzado?

Downloaded the ringtone in the movie. Getting addicted to it, I must say.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

My brother blew his last chance

He was permitted to attend school because the school administrators took pity on him when he missed the class field trip. He said he wanted to go back to school when I took the recommendation our shrink asked from the school. I thought everything was going well because Robby didn't say anything to me and he was his usual self (usual self means all the symptoms of autism and ADHD).

Only two weeks, and my brother's back to stay at home. He was not interested in attending his classes (always stayed out, I was told yester night), and his voyeuristic nature kicked in again (gaaaah!!! can't imagine my brother wanking off in public).

We're to continue the home study program until the end of the school year, then he has to transfer. The last chance that the school has given him, he blew. But we just can't get him to talk when he doesn't want to. His selective amnesia always gets in the way.

Looking forward to tomorrow. The pills we're both taking seem to have lost their effect as I'm back to being depressive again and my brother's back to his...world. I hope the shrink has some good explanation for this.

(And while we're at the topic of pills, I don't support the Cheaper Medicine Bill's provision to ban the prescription of branded drugs. My doctor has enough sense to write generic drugs, then enclose the branded one in a parenthesis. I think that's fair enough. Not that I'm against the idea of having cheaper meds, of course. And I do think hospital holidays are cruel. But then, what do I know? I'm not a doctor.)

Hay, pambihira talaga itong kapatid ko. Manang-mana sa ate niya!

Landbank Robbery. Sad.

Not that I have anything substantial to impart about it, but I'm sure you've heard of the recent robbery of Landbank West Ave branch. It has come as a surprise to my family. My parents both know some people who work there (thankfully, none of them were hurt in the incident). If you don't already know, my dad works in one of the branches of Landbank as an acting assistant manager (still processing his long overdue promotion, methinks) so naturally, he knows someone from there. And, it's fun pulling strings once in a while because of the "connections" (although I'd appreciate it if my dad stops monitoring my bank account).

Anyway, let's just say I went cold all over when I heard the news of the robbery. Although I knew of the possible scenarios that could go on in banks (duh, of course), I couldn't shake myself of the thought that these bankers...these innocent people...their lives are always on the line. They're making an honest living, but no matter how seemingly innocent and glamorous their work is, they're always at stake.

Sad, really.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Bloggers' Kapihan 3.0 Event at Kape Tasyo Today!

See you all later today at Kape Tasyo for the much-awaited Bloggers’ Kapihan 3.0 Event! Topic is People Power 2. There’s gonna be unlimited coffee and Wi-Fi access for free! Kitakits!

Bloggers’ Kapihan 3.0
Jan. 19, 2008, Saturday 2:00-5:00 pm
Kape Tasyo (Freedom Bar)
2/F Anonas Commercial Complex
#3 Anonas St., Project 3, Quezon City

Kape Tasyo map

Note: Instant after-event party. Kape Tasyo becomes Freedom Bar in the evening.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Bloggers Action Week: Bloggers remember People Power 2

On the weekend of Jan. 19-20, we remember People Power 2.

Do you remember watching the rallies and the impeachment trial that was like a telenovela? Did you receive and forward jokes and the “Go 2 Edsa” message to all the people in your phonebook? Did you come to Edsa Shrine (or the public plazas nationwide) with your family, friends, schoolmates and officemates? Did you take photos? Did you make your own placards? Did you join the exciting march to Mendiola that signaled the victory for the uprising? Do you remember what you felt, and the big dreams and aspirations we all had for our country?

Mark your calendars:
Bloggers Kapihan 3.0 Event
Jan. 19, 2:00-5:00 pm
Kape Tasyo (Freedom Bar)
Anonas, Quezon City

Seven years — yes, seven years — have passed since the four days that redefined People Power culminated in the ouster of the president with the biggest electoral mandate in Philippine history and we in Bloggers Kapihan invite you to remember. Just answer these questions, post memorabilia like photos and videos. Simply put, we want you to act by picking up a pen or going to the computer to tell your story, your version of what happened on Jan. 16-20 and your dreams for the country.

Others for instance, may choose to fast forward to 2008 and assess what has happened to the country seven years since People Power 2. Were we betrayed? Were our efforts wasted by some persons who benefited from it? Is it a national failure, or a warning that a similar fate may befall the incumbent?

To make this all worthwhile and useful to ourselves and the world, BK will open a special website at http://peoplepower2.bloggerskapihan.com (please don’t forget to link to it and this post) where we will put your posts and feature the really good ones. Let this be our humble contribution to reviving our pride in ourselves as a people, and to inspiring all of us never to lose hope for the only country we can call our own.

Don’t let others to rewrite People Power 2 as if it meant nothing. We made history in 2001 and now’s a good time to remember and to write it the way we saw and see it.


You may also use the following images:

Kasama ako sa EDSA2!

Kasama ako sa EDSA2!

Kasama ako sa EDSA2!

Kasama ako sa EDSA2!

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Ano na nangyari? Sa 'yo at sa blog mo?

As expected, people asked me those questions during the TriNoMa Food Tour of bloggers yesterday (January 9). And also as expected, I really had no definite answers for those questions.

If you've known me long enough, you'd know that around the same time last year, I also made a disappearing act in the blogosphere. The only difference is last year's leave of absence was with legitimate and understandable excuse, while these days' was, well...I really can't think of any words that can explain why I've gone AWOL online. I just don't feel like blogging going online these past few weeks. I'm more in tune with my books and DVDs right now, especially with my too-frequent booksale splurges and such. I find comfort in - and I feel a sense of normalcy with - the words I read and movies I see.

I mean, hey, I actually cried through Schindler's List and this KuramaxBotan fanfic ! Just never you mind the fact that I'm a total crybaby anyway.

Anyway, I'm not packing my bags and moving in here in Multiply for good (not yet anyway --- I'm seriously considering it). I don't think I have enough heart and courage to leave Misteryosa behind. I know I'm letting a lot of people down right now (and a lot of other times before), but hang on, eh?