SWEET SADNESS: The Sands Chronicles

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Bye Bye Baguio (on the way to Manila right now)

We're currently somewhere along Kennon Road (Camp 1 Shell gasoline station, to be exact) and taking advantage of the free wi-fi here. Still have lots of hours to go to make it to Manila safe and warm.

One proof that Baguio City is no longer my "territory" (as my mom so bluntly puts it) is that we got lost along the way to Good Shepherd (or Mines View, whatever). The rerouting for Panagbenga really has had my mind get blank every frickin time they ask me where to turn or where to go to. I'm actually at loss on how to write my Baguio experience this year. Poor poor me.

Perhaps the thing I most dislike is the fact that I'm with my family. There's this need to be, for lack of better word, "tourists." Sabi ko nga, I've been wanting to go to Baguio TO RELAX in a place where it's naturally cold, NOT to sight-see every minute of the day and go to parks and go to the wagwagan and go to some place where there's lots of people and some things equally tiring. Buti na lang hindi tulad ng iba na every second eh click-click ng camera. Nakakatamad. Blah. Thankfully, we've gone past that stage. Siguro this is one of those things that happen when you get to live in Baguio even for a while. And the "trip down the memory lane" instances really didn't help much at all. I miss my friends. ;(

Anyway, much thanks to the recently promoted OIC of Landbank Naguilian, Ma'am Lina Evangelista (she's my..."courier"...in Landbank Harrison, in front of Burnham Park, back when she was the assistant manager of the branch during my Baguio stint) and her husbanz for letting us stay for a couple of days in her beautiful home. =)

Update next time I feel like it.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Baguio, here I come!

Off to Baguio for the weekend with the family. Also taking this chance to think about

  • whether to switch the desktop OS from Ubuntu to Windows XP, install WinXP alongside Ubuntu, or just leave my desktop as is --- currently running happily under the awesome Ubuntu
  • my dying blog (or maybe it's already dead)
  • my unhealthy obsession to the practically non-existent relationship of Kurama and Botan of Yu Yu Hakusho and the way I irrationally deal with this...thing (HAH!!! Look who's talking! I spent the whole of yesterday scouring the internet for some good ole fanfics!)
  • friendships and relationships (no underlying romantic meaning whatsoever) I've left hanging in the open
  • my flailing social life. Need to start going out more instead of lounging around the house with my brand new second-hand PDA phone on my nose, reading fanfictions and playing games. And oh, a note also for me to fricking load credits on both my Globe and Sun (may Smart na rin ako, kayo? hehe) and SMS the people I've abandoned these past few months (you have to wonder why my SIM cards haven't expired yet, really) instead of occasionally telling my dad, "Tay, pa-share-a-load. Kahit dos lang. Thanks!" (if you must know, my dad's a postpaid subscriber of Globe since...well...he got a phone...8 years or so ago, methinks. Lucky me, eh?)
  • the present...seriously, no sense in thinking about the future if I can't even start to deal with what's going on in my life right now
Apologies to Neil for turning down the speaking gig. The honorarium part has been really tempting, but family duties await. It wouldn't have hurt my pathetic resume to have something to be proud of too, you know. *sighs* Also to Karla Maquiling, for missing the Delifrance thingamajig today. Sayang. Would've been fun to hang out.

Anyway, wish us a safe and fun trip. I hope to see some old friends, acquaintances, and org-mates during my 3-day stay.

Ja ne!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

beleyted hambalentayms dey

I sincerely hope you didn't forget to bring (and use) *at least* one box of condoms (hah, satiated now, aren't we? Wipe that stupid grin off your face lest everyone realizes that your aura gives you away --- you just got laid!)

Family had a quite satisfying dinner in one of the nearby branches of The Old Spaghetti House. The service was to die for --- that is, you'd probably die of either starvation or frustration. The food was great though. We just had to be careful not to order the dishes we couldn't even pronounce properly. And...I just wish the young couple in the table next to ours wasn't so loud as to disrupt the whole ambiance (but then, thankfully, they decided to transfer somewhere far away from us and bullied the other customers into listening to their incessant ramblings). Seriously, it wasn't even young love. Buh, bunch of high school lovesick puppies.

Suffice to say, I survived the day! And never once did I think that I was pitifully not attached to a stupid male ningen, or some species equally idiotic and useless (ahem, ahem). I was all too aware of my status, but hey, no regrets (shuttup, I need to convince myself more than anything else that it's true, hehe)!

I just have this to say, void of any bitterness whatsoever: BAH! HUMBUG!

Wednesday, February 06, 2008


while i'm not exactly overjoyed by the thought of a sexless future (ain't denyin meself the ragin tweenage 'ormones, aye?), i'm definitely not looking forward to commiting to a relationship anytime soon. in fact, i LOATHE even the thought of having a so-called man in my life, so will you pretty please stop bustin your heavy balls bout it?

thank you!