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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Dreaming of Greens and Pinks

Originally posted on Misteryosa.com.

I’m taking a break from all the animé-related stuff for a while. This very much needed breather is brought to us by my newly purchased Nancy Drew books. Close friends are well aware that I’m a huge fan of the teenage detective while I was growing up (not that I’m insinuating that I’ve stopped growing up, mind you), and needless to say, I’m very happy with the addition to my precious collection. The online list of books I have, however, is yet to be updated; I’ve sold some of the paperbacks I was ready to part with. Anyway, what I’m trying to say is that the Yu Yu Hakusho addiction has been put on hold…until further notice.

My dad has decided to have some house glitches fixed these past few days. Took him long enough. But it doesn’t matter. The toilet’s flush is now working, and I’m a very happy waste-excreter again. I no longer confuse my facial wash to be a toothpaste when brushing my teeth because the tiny sink in the bathroom has been restored. The kitchen’s worn look is now gone, replaced by sparkling white tiled walls that look more glamorous than my fanciest wardrobe (in short, it doesn’t look that creepy and dirty anymore).

Dad’s also been thinking of actually going through the age-old plan of adding a new bedroom so my mom would stop bunking over at my room (it’s the way things are since the ‘rents had a falling out years ago). My huge pull-out bed is destined to be “mutated” soon, poor bed (since I keep complaining that it’s too big and takes up much precious space of my little room). I don’t know what’s to become of my hanging room-wide bookshelf because it seems that my dad thinks that the new room should be mine (yeah, he’s still busy making up for his…*ahem*…whatever). It’s also supposed to make the house a little cleaner…like that would work. We have too many furniture in the house to last us a lifetime. And dad’s already planning to buy another TV for the room. A TV! My mom and I sometimes jokes to him that he should install a small TV inside the bathroom, and he’s seriously considering it! Holy crap, what is it with TVs that he fancies?!


Uh-huh. Okay. I’m fine now. *sighs*

The drawback in the whole experience is that the man who works to repair and reconstruct the house, Kuya Buboy, is here every single day. The consequence of this isn’t at all funny. I mean, really, it’s no laughing matter that he’s become involved in my dreams. Sometimes when I see him in the house, I’d wonder if I was dreaming or not. Not that the dreams are erotic in nature, but still…. ^_^
I’m even beginning to build the room in my mind. I’m not much of a designer (digital and otherwise), but I see my room with apple green walls and light pink closet. It’s beginning to cloud my senses that at one time, I woke up screaming, “Holy shit! Pink!” Seriously, pink?! Although I admit that while I get sick of looking at pretty pink blogs (no offense meant, but there’s just too many of them proliferating the web for me to bear), I’ve grown fond of the color. And it’s not because Botan-chan’s eyes are a shade of pink and violet (depending on her mood) too, so, uh, yeah. :)
My mom and I have also persuaded dad that the gate should be painted mint green. See, my mom’s favorite color has recently changed from violet to green. What brought about this change, I don’t really know, but at least we agree on something as major as the color of the gate (haha). My color preference is no more than profound than my mom’s; I just fantasize that my future car’s color is green. Don’t ask.

But I honestly don’t know where the pink came from.

So anyway, the huge change is expected to take place this summer. I hear we don’t even have to move out from the house while the new room and upstairs bathroom are being , but I’m definitely not looking forward to the noise that comes with the change. I may have to take a little “vacation” to my grandma’s house in Marikina and be less of a sloth than I already am.

Before I go, if you were to choose between the concert of Toto and Swing Out Sister, which one would you go to? Decisions, decisions.

Till the next update, people! It’s good to know I’m not the only one who’s been afflicted with the mental disease that comes with liking animé. ;)
Uhm, and maybe the “further notice” I mentioned earlier about the YYH addiction came sooner than expected. I just received notices that 3 of the stories I’m following have been updated with a new chapter. =D

Thursday, March 13, 2008

The world needs more Kurama+Botan fanfics

They're simply not enough. :(

Please write. ^_^


Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Mic Test, Mic Test: YYH Addiction

Originally posted on Misteryosa.com.

Konnichiwa minna-san! O-genki desu ka? :biggrin:

Gomen for the long absence. I’ve been too busy hiding my big ass from everyone to update, and the will to blog has, honestly, *poof* gone.

You see, I blame it all on my phone. As per the recommendation of our very own Ederic Eder, I have acquired a second-hand Palm Treo 650 roughly the same time of my last blog entry. Needless to say, I’ve become much attached to the entertaining contraption. I’m too occupied maximizing its PDA features to even text, and people actually have to give me a ring for me to spare them a minute.

When I say PDA features, I actually mean its capability to store word documents that enables me to read anything on the go. Cool, huh? Even the laptop that we finally have has taken a backseat when I got this spiffy thing. :dance:

Aside from the techie reason, my other excuse is that the animé fanatic in me has burst forth. See, since I was in grade school, I’ve been a major fan of Yu Yu Hakusho (Ghost Fighter in the Philippines). It’s the only animé I’ve ever bothered watching in my whole pitiful existence. I’ve seen every episode and OVA there is, and I still crave for more. Darn my insatiable craving for this foolish thing. :shakefist:

So anyway, the point is, to satisfy the monster inside me, I’ve decided to read *drum rolls* fan fictions! It’s actually quite a ridiculous thing. I have never taken notice of this particular genre of fiction because…well, just because.

And then I accidentally stumbled upon FanFiction.net (okay, so maybe it wasn’t so accidental) and read a couple of stories, the most notable being After the Fall by a certain J.D. Fielding (which seems to be a favorite for many). Who knew that fan fictions could be so engrossing? I certainly didn’t realize its potential until I read the aforementioned work of fiction. And then I “discovered” Between Death and Reality & its sequel Forever Fornever Tantei, and the Just Like Heaven-like story of The Ghost of You.

Of course, it may be because I’m just biased.

I like Botan (Charlene). Hell, I adore Botan-chan. I love her. To say that I’m almost in love with her would be an understatement. If I could fuck her, I probably would. While I don’t really like any male in the series, I, uhm, support the relationship between my favorite ferry onna and the bishounen kitsune, Kurama (Dennis). Either as the silent Shuichi Minamino or the cunning Youko Kurama, Kurama-kun is, in my opinion, perfect for Botan-chan. They look good together, and their personalities complement each other, and that’s that, really.

Still, Botan is mine, mwahahaha! :lol:

Have I sunk too low for you yet?

Good, coz I have more disgusting revelation.

Let’s see…The appropriate mathematical equation for it would be:

Treo 650 + fan fictions = hours of reading fan fictions on Treo 650

Neat, right? Thank goodness there are at least a few decent K :heart: B writers in FanFiction.net. I keep saving stories on my phone to keep up with my YYH hunger.

So…ahem…yeah. That’s really all there is to it. If you still don’t believe me, just notice the random Japanese words scattered in this blog entry.

Funny, ne?

Anyway, doumo arigatou. Thanks so much for sticking up with me no matter what. I take my leave now.

Ja ne!

Note: Please understand that I did “research” on the Japanese words that I’ve written here, so I’m perfectly aware of their meaning and if they’re informal or impolite or whatever. That’s all. :cute:

Saturday, March 08, 2008

Divine Intervention (a VERY short love story)

Twenty-one years ago, two people met at a review center for the CPA Board Exam.

Fate decided to play and thought that a divine intervention was needed for them to end up together.

That divine intervention was me.

*** Belated miserable 21st wedding anniversary to my parents! ***

Friday, March 07, 2008

I know I've gone crazy coz...

  • I'd mentally curse those people who say they hate Botan
  • I'd like to kill those who pair up Kurama with Hiei (Don't get me wrong, I'm ALL for homosexual relationships and stuff like that, but please, spare my virgin eyes from the...graphic...things...!!!)
  • I'd LOVE to torture THEN kill those who dislike the Kurama/Botan pairing. DAMN YOU ALL TO HELL!!!
Well, uhm, yeah. I did say I've gone crazy, right?

Sorry, it's just that I seem to have read all the KB fanfics out there, and I still want more. I've exhausted all my energy into finding even one good story but...*sniffs*...there's just no use!

I hate this life!

Thursday, March 06, 2008

I've Loved Enough to Know/That's How You Know It's Love

I've Loved Enough to Know

I hear what you're telling me but that don't make it so.
Two timing, talking sweet from the time your feet hit the floor
My heart is telling me it's time to let you go.
Oh baby, let go..

I've loved enough to know
A heartache when I see one coming.
Been down this road before.
I've loved enough to know.

Every night out with the boys, you think I'm so naive.
I know exactly where you're going every time you leave.
I see every little something up your sleeve.
Oh baby, I can see.

I've loved enough to know
A heartache when I see one coming.
Been down this road before.
I've loved enough to know.

That's How You Know It's Love

If you get out in the drivin' rain
Stand in the eye of the hurricane
And never think twice
If you turn your back on selfishness
And your thoughts are for someone else
Cause' they've changed your life

That's how you know it's love
That's how you know it's meant to be
When the span of forever
Just never seems long enough
That's how you know it's love

When your heart insists that you give it all
When you no longer fear the fall
And you just let go
When the past is finally dead and gone
Fate leads you somewhere to the one
That has your soul

That's how you know it's love
That's how you know it's meant to be
When the span of forever
Just never seems long enough
That's how you know it's love

No part of you questions
No part of you doubts
You're only sure this is what love's about
And nothing and no one
Can stand in your way
Or keep you from sayin' what your heart is dyin' to say

That's how you know it's love
That's how you know it's meant to be
When the span of forever
Just never seems long enough
That's how you know it's love

Dedicated to no one in particular (translate: all the men in general). Sung by Deana Carter. Can't find MP3 file for this, sorry.

PS: I just like the lyrics of these songs that's why I posted them. Ne, I'm a hopeless romantic but not right now. Besides, my story is more in tune to the first one ;)